Martin Hicks and Fiona Deller – An Homage to Good Data

Those of us focused on facts rather than anecdotes have known all along that the alleged collapse of employment opportunities for higher education graduates is untrue.  At HEQCO, we have published on this.  And now comes a major breakthrough, a significant step forward, in our data-driven understanding of outcomes for Canadian college and university graduates.  […]

HEQCO – Hunting for Good WIL: Put quality before quantity

Work-integrated learning (WIL) and experiential education (EE) are hot topics.  This focus has been amplified by recent recommendations from the Business Council of Canada and the Ontario Premier’s Highly Skilled Workforce Expert Panel, as well as reinforced by comments from the Premier, that 100% of postsecondary students should have at least one WIL or EE […]

Harvey P. Weingarten – Differentiation: Toward higher quality of teaching and research, greater institutional sustainability and clarity of student choice

Today HEQCO is releasing the latest in our continuing series of papers examining the differentiation of the Ontario university sector.Our first analysis emphasized the dimension used most frequently to describe university differentiation – research intensity. On the basis of the data underlying that analysis, we proposed that Ontario universities cluster into four groups – the […]