Harvey P. Weingarten — Skills in postsecondary education: Where to now?

We recently published a series of reports describing the skill levels of entering and graduating postsecondary students. The most telling observation made in those reports is that too few students are graduating with superior literacy and numeracy skills and too many — about one in four — are graduating with literacy and numeracy levels that are inadequate to compete successfully in today’s labour market.As we […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten — Why is the “Q” word in our name?

Why did those who created this agency include the word quality in its name, even though it resulted in one of the clumsiest acronyms — HEQCO — on the face of the earth?I think it’s because they were smart and prescient. They understood that there are a million questions one could ask and research about a higher education system. But they also knew that the […]

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It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode 10 with Gary McCluskie

Take a walk through university and college campuses and you may see ivy-covered buildings that hark back to a bygone era, while others have a more modernist bent. What do the buildings say about the place? More importantly, what are they telling students?As institutions grapple with ways of attracting and retaining students who are underrepresented in higher education, more attention is being focused on the […]

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Jackie Pichette and Lena Patterson — Learning with Lynda(.com)

Educators around the world are being called on to pull up their socks and save the economy: to “bridge,” “plug” or “prevent” the skills gap by equipping students with the technical and transferable skills needed to meet tomorrow’s economic needs. But which technical and transferable skills, exactly? Well, we know that employers are looking to hire people who can think critically, work in teams and […]

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Access in Practice Preview: A Q&A with Michael Bourdukofsky, chief operations officer, Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program

On April 4 and 5, HEQCO will hold its annual conference. The theme this year is “Access in Practice: Putting great ideas to work” and will feature 88 speakers across 24 different sessions presenting their ideas on how best to increase access to and retention in higher education. As we approach the conference, we will be featuring conversations with some of the people who will […]

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