It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode five with Bobby Watt

Welcome to the latest episode of ItsNotAcademic – the podcast, education conversations from HEQCO. In anticipation of our Rethinking Access conference we have explored many dimensions of access on this podcast, but one area we have not yet discussed is the skilled trades. The trades are often left out of conversations about postsecondary education, despite the demand and opportunities that are available to students.Bobby Watt […]

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It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode four with Jay Gosselin

Welcome to the latest episode of ItsNotAcademic – the podcast, education conversations from HEQCO. The importance of mentorship and positive role models is often discussed in conversations around promoting access to higher education. Obviously these concepts are important, but why? What need do mentors serve and how do you identify and connect with students who need them most?The guest this episode is Jay Gosselin, a […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten — Measuring Academic Quality: International Perspectives

In my last blog, I argued that the quality of a postsecondary education could be measured by the degree to which it met academic requirements or needs. I also argued that one non-negotiable and essential requirement or need of a postsecondary education is that students receive an education that equips them with the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful personal and professional lives. […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten — What is Academic Quality?

When I started working at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) I asked the obvious question, given the title of the organization: What is quality? I became even more invested in this question when I discovered that the legislation that created HEQCO required us to advise the government on the quality of Ontario’s postsecondary system.So I did what I was trained to do. […]

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Jackie Pichette — OSAP’s transformation: Just the ticket?

Without the money for a trip around the world, would you expect to go? Without the expectation of taking the trip, would you bother purchasing a guide book, packing your bags or booking flights?It’s a crude analogy, but consider the parallels for high school students and postsecondary education. If students don’t believe they have the funds for a university education, should they expect to go? […]

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