EduData – Ontario’s 20 Unique Universities

There’s good reason that Ontario is promoting differentiation in its higher education system. Differentiation – where institutions build on their specific strengths, mandates and missions – delivers real choice for students, better quality, and a system we can all afford to sustain and grow.

Our visualization showcases the existing state of differentiation between Ontario’s 20 publicly assisted universities.

We harvested 24 university performance indicators available at the institutional level from sources like the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, the Council of Ontario Universities, and the federal government. We grouped the indicators into the five themes: equity of access, demand, the student learning journey, graduate outcomes, and research and graduate intensity. The pinwheels show how each university does on each of those five themes in relation to the entire system. (The circle marked 0 represents the system average.)

Hover over any element to get more details on what you are seeing.

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Want even more? Read the companion report here.

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