David Trick and Jackie Pichette — Creating pathways, removing roadblocks

Ontarians with a university or college credential earn more, on average, than those without, and they tend to lead longer, healthier lives. This is why, over the years, Ontario has implemented policies aimed at increasing educational attainment, and part of the reason why the province’s postsecondary attainment rate is among the highest in the world.It’s a good news story, but unfortunately not for everyone. Over […]

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David Trick and Jackie Pichette — Strengthening numeracy skills in university and college students: What’s the best way forward?

What can be done to improve numeracy skills among Ontario PSE students? Our workshop participants had some great ideas, like integrating more problem-based learning in university and college programs (and also in high school), designating numeracy faculty leads who can spread knowledge and facilitate communities of practice, creating a repository of numeracy modules and resources that all Ontario institutions can access and incorporate into their programs, and developing and sharing relevant assessments to continuously improve numeracy teaching and learning.

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David Trick – Taking Apprenticeship Seriously

David Trick, Guest blogger Having occasionally chided my friends at universities and colleges for not knowing enough about each other’s systems, I should confess to one of my own blind spots: I have not paid enough attention to apprenticeship.  For historical and institutional reasons, apprenticeship in Ontario is often seen as being outside the realm of postsecondary education.So I was especially pleased to spend two […]

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David Trick – A happy 50th birthday to Ontario’s MTCU

 Guest blogger: David TrickAmid all the anniversary celebrations in higher education in recent years, one more deserves to be noted: May 8 is the 50th birthday of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.Until 1964, the Premier was in effect the minister responsible for Ontario’s universities. Premier John Robarts had an Advisory Committee on University Affairs – an odd amalgam of senior officials, a minister, […]

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David Trick – Robarts’ Plan for Higher Education Goes Golden

Fifty years ago tomorrow, on March 21, 1963, Premier John Robarts announced the plan that shaped Ontario’s higher education system as we now know it. His statement was delivered as part of routine proceedings in the Legislature, book-ended by statements about LCBO outlets and the Ontario Food Council.  He spoke for about an hour.  One looks in vain for a good sound bite in his […]

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