Anne Krook – On mom, jobs and humanities grads

Like a lot of parents, my mother worried that I would never find work with my undergraduate English degree.  One line I especially hated to hear from her was “The jobs are all going away!”  Now that I have spent a couple decades hiring people with humanities degrees, I think differently about what she said and what it means for those graduates.“The jobs are all […]

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Alex Rappaport – Please don’t stop the music

Until a child turns 5 or 6, much of his or her learning happens through nursery rhymes and songs. One reason is that the human brain is effectively a sponge for music, meter and rhyme. Some studies even suggest that music was the foundation for language itself.Why then does music all but disappear from learning once a child enters first grade, and why don’t we […]

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Jill Scott – Data collection on student learning, or why I can’t paint that door

There is a door in my house – maybe you have one of these too – that cannot be painted. In recent renovations, I had to explain to the workmen that the data on the door is too valuable and must be preserved. You may have guessed that the door in question is where we’ve measured the growth of our children over a dozen years […]

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Ruby Madigan and Kate Tilleczek – Listening to the voices of youth in transition

To say that the modern world moves at a rapid pace is reductive, if not a bit clichéd.Technology evolves almost by the day, leaving even the savviest techno connoisseur wondering if they really need another version of the same telephone. We race to keep up and then wait breathlessly for the next goal line to be set.And the stakes continue to rise. The New York […]

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Tania Sterling – When it comes to learning, K-12 and higher ed more alike than different

Who would have ever predicted that a career as an elementary French teacher would eventually lead me to working for an educational publisher as a researcher and change agent? However, as someone who was nearing the completion of her doctoral studies, conducting research as opposed to teaching in the classroom did seem like the next logical step; a practical way to apply my new skills. […]

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