Martin Hicks – Giving thanks

I looked around the family table at Thanksgiving dinner and was struck by this: of the eleven Ontarians represented, seven are students in our higher education system at this moment in time. Despite the small sample, what’s represented here is richer than gravy.This family is hungrily learning at both college and university, towards a range of credentials including undergraduate and master’s degrees, a graduate certificate […]

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Martin Hicks – Extra, extra, read all about it

We’re gonna quote right out of the newspaper.  That way, you won’t have to worry that we’re making it all up.  These are verbatim quotes about the Ontario university funding model review.  The headline reads:“Sustaining Quality in Changing Times”“Persistent deficits and a growing debt burden limit the ability of governments at every level to fund public institutions.  As a result Ontario’s public institutions cannot continue to […]

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Martin Hicks – Stop (en)Rolling Over

In Ontario, higher education enrolment forecasting is important business.  This is not surprising.  Enrolment growth drives money to institutions, generates investment by government and delivers ever higher participation and attainment rates for Ontarians.What will postsecondary enrolment in Ontario be in 10 years and how should we plan for it?  To find out, we look at enrolment forecasts.  Over the decades, their entrails have guided us […]

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Martin Hicks – What difference a decade: the view from inside

Reflections on the ‘Rae Report’ 10 years and a few billion dollars later Martin Hicks, Executive Director, Data and Statistics Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario  It’s Feb. 7, 2005. Bob Rae faces the Queen’s Park media and releases his report and recommendations for Ontario’s postsecondary education system: popularly dubbed the Rae Report but officially titled Ontario – A Leader in Learning. It’s a pivotal moment. […]

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Martin Hicks – Wrenches and scalpels

I was thinking about this fall’s HEQCO conference “Hands on: Exploring apprenticeship and the skilled trades.”  We are broadening our focus to embrace pieces of the postsecondary mosaic beyond public colleges and universities, and the conference is but one manifestation.  And yet, even as we do so we are aware of a trade off (pun intended): we are not likely to attract as many university […]

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