Toni Morgan – Wow, Harvard! But How?

“Harvard is such a big goal. How did you do it?”Can I be honest here? I used to hate that question. Not that it’s a bad question. It’s just that open-ended questions about my life often result in a response that starts as an enlightened monologue about determination and chutzpah and quickly devolves into a deliriously verbose soliloquy of existentialist proportions. See what I mean? […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten – FutureSkills Lab: A Step in the Right Direction

Recently, the federal finance minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth recommended the creation of a national organization — the FutureSkills Lab — to serve as a laboratory for the development and measurement of skills. This proposed laboratory represents a significant and progressive advance that can increase Canada’s global competitiveness and offer its citizens the economic and social future that they seek.It focuses squarely and clearly […]

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It’sNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode two with Mehnaz Tabassum

Access to postsecondary education remains a challenge for many students and research has shown that financial considerations are just one part of the equation. In our new episode of It’sNotAcademic: The Podcast, we continue to explore the issue of access and why certain groups — such as first generation students, those with disabilities, low-income students, indigenous students and those whose first language is not English […]

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Erin Maloney, Daniel Ansari and Jonathan Fugelsang – Outing math anxiety

Most of us can remember a conversation in which someone openly professes a dislike (or even hatred) of math, making statements such as, “I’m not a math person” or “I just don’t get math.” Our cultural dislike of math has become so mainstream that it has even infiltrated the toys that we give our children (e.g., Barbie dolls used to say, “Math class is tough” […]

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Welcome to ItsNotAcademic: The Podcast

Ever vigilant for new ways to share our research with the broader public, HEQCO has initiated a podcast, launching with a series on access to higher education (one of our key research priorities). Aligned with the theme of our upcoming conference, Rethinking Access: When non-traditional is the new normal, the series will explore the systems, programs and strategies that lead to greater postsecondary participation, retention […]

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