Jackie Pichette and Jessica Rizk – Three recommendations for accessible remote learning

By working together institutions and instructors can ensure all students are able to succeed this fall and thereafter.

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Jeffrey Napierala and Amy Kaufman – For international students, postsecondary education is not just about academics

In the months since the pandemic forced all postsecondary education online, students have been concerned about getting the full value for their money. While most of the attention has focused on the challenges of delivering courses online, we should not forget that classroom learning is not the only reason people attend colleges and universities — students have wide-ranging and diverse goals. As the system pushes […]

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David Trick and Jackie Pichette — Creating pathways, removing roadblocks

Ontarians with a university or college credential earn more, on average, than those without, and they tend to lead longer, healthier lives. This is why, over the years, Ontario has implemented policies aimed at increasing educational attainment, and part of the reason why the province’s postsecondary attainment rate is among the highest in the world.It’s a good news story, but unfortunately not for everyone. Over […]

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Fiona Deller and Martin Hicks — Is postsecondary education the great equalizer?

In a paper we published earlier this year, we wrote that access to postsecondary education starts early in the educational pathway, and isn’t an equal race for everyone. We know that youth from low-income and first-generation backgrounds (those whose parents did not go to postsecondary) have a particularly difficult time getting in. But what happens after graduation? Have we levelled the playing field? Is postsecondary […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten — Why is the “Q” word in our name?

Why did those who created this agency include the word quality in its name, even though it resulted in one of the clumsiest acronyms — HEQCO — on the face of the earth?I think it’s because they were smart and prescient. They understood that there are a million questions one could ask and research about a higher education system. But they also knew that the […]

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