Jackie Pichette — OSAP’s transformation: Just the ticket?

Without the money for a trip around the world, would you expect to go? Without the expectation of taking the trip, would you bother purchasing a guide book, packing your bags or booking flights?It’s a crude analogy, but consider the parallels for high school students and postsecondary education. If students don’t believe they have the funds for a university education, should they expect to go? […]

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Cassandra Cao – EduData: Students’ Perspectives on OSAP

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is currently undergoing a number of changes aimed at increasing transparency and access for students. In the first phase of its transformation, OSAP bundled existing grants into a single Ontario Student Grant, making tuition effectively free for eligible low-income students. Phase two (2018-2019) will roll out net-tuition billing, whereby students will see only the net cost of what they […]

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Zachary Rose – Seeking a non-traditional access strategy

In April, I will have the privilege of facilitating a panel at HEQCO’s conference, Rethinking Access: when non-traditional is the new normal. The conference topic excites me because it speaks to the priorities that students have been highlighting for some time.For the past four years I’ve worked with student governments at Ontario universities. From my current vantage point heading the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), […]

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ItsNotAcademic – The podcast: Episode three with the Hamilton Community Foundation

Welcome to the latest episode of ItsNotAcademic: The podcast – education conversations from HEQCO.The Rethinking Access conference is taking place April 19 and 20 and one of the recurring themes that runs through the panel discussions is the role of early intervention programs and strategies. By the time they graduate from high school, many students have already made up their minds about whether they can […]

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Toni Morgan – Wow, Harvard! But How?

“Harvard is such a big goal. How did you do it?”Can I be honest here? I used to hate that question. Not that it’s a bad question. It’s just that open-ended questions about my life often result in a response that starts as an enlightened monologue about determination and chutzpah and quickly devolves into a deliriously verbose soliloquy of existentialist proportions. See what I mean? […]

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