Harvey P. Weingarten – Goals vs. strategies: A postsecondary primer

In any policy initiative, it is important to distinguish between goals and strategies.  Goals are things you are trying to achieve – the outcomes you are seeking.  Strategies are processes and actions that can be employed to achieve these desired outcomes.Strategies are not ends in themselves.  Rather, they are tools.  Strategies have no inherent value – they are neither good nor bad.  Their worth and […]

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Martin Hicks – Extra, extra, read all about it

We’re gonna quote right out of the newspaper.  That way, you won’t have to worry that we’re making it all up.  These are verbatim quotes about the Ontario university funding model review.  The headline reads:“Sustaining Quality in Changing Times”“Persistent deficits and a growing debt burden limit the ability of governments at every level to fund public institutions.  As a result Ontario’s public institutions cannot continue to […]

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EduData – Grad student ratios more diverse in western Canada

Ontario is working to transform its postsecondary education system through differentiation – where institutions build on their individual strengths. One component of differentiation is the graduate to undergraduate ratio. The above graph displays the institutional spread of graduate level enrolment by province. Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island are single university jurisdictions and therefore show no inter-institutional differentiation. In provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and […]

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Martin Hicks – What difference a decade: the view from inside

Reflections on the ‘Rae Report’ 10 years and a few billion dollars later Martin Hicks, Executive Director, Data and Statistics Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario  It’s Feb. 7, 2005. Bob Rae faces the Queen’s Park media and releases his report and recommendations for Ontario’s postsecondary education system: popularly dubbed the Rae Report but officially titled Ontario – A Leader in Learning. It’s a pivotal moment. […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten – It’s time to get serious about improving Canada’s colleges and universities

A recent Globe and Mail article pointed out that Canadian universities appear to be slipping in world rankings.  This is not a good thing.  Higher education institutions — because of the students they teach, the research and discoveries they make, and the communities they support —  are some of the most critical public institutions in Canada positioning us for a robust  economy with plentiful good […]

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