EduData – Where graduates work, now including college graduates

Occupations of college graduates in Ontario College University All 18-29 years 30-44 years 45-64 years Field of Study Occupation Graphic by Carrie Smith.Last month, we published a well-received visualization that shows the mapping of Ontario university graduates from fields of study to occupations.  Many readers expressed surprise to discover fewer clear pathways than they anticipated.  Graduates end up in all kinds of jobs, regardless of […]

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EduData – Where do university graduates work in Ontario?

All 18-29 years 30-44 years 45-64 years Field of Study Occupation Graphic by Carrie Smith.The employees at HEQCO come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, everything from religious studies to sociology to economics to engineering.  Workplaces benefit from having diversity in the training and perspectives of its employees. Inspired by work done by the US Census, we went to the Canadian National Household Survey to explore […]

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EduData – Universities should teach logical and analytical thinking, say students

 There is much discussion regarding what skills universities should teach their graduates and what skills employers believe recent graduates should possess, but what do students think they should get out of university? The Canadian University Survey Consortium surveyed over 18,000 graduating students from 36 universities across Canada and asked them this question. From a list of 29 various skills and characteristics, students were instructed to […]

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EduData – Canada Learning Bond uptake increasing, but still low

In 2005, the federal government introduced the Canada Learning Bond (CLB) to help lower-income families get a head start on saving money for their child’s postsecondary education. The CLB includes an initial payment of $500, followed by up to 15 annual payments of $100 (maximum payment of $2,000). Eligible families must open a Registered Education Savings Plan for their child to receive the CLB, but […]

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EduData – How are learning outcomes being assessed?

From essays to learning portfolios, there’s a growing number of ways to assess learning outcomes. In the third HEQCO webinar on learning outcomes assessment in higher education, Lori Goff  (manager of program enhancement at McMaster University) asked the audience, “Which types of assessments do you primarily use in your course?” and listed a variety of assessment methods that provide direct evidence of meaningful application of […]

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