Harvey P. Weingarten – FutureSkills Lab: A Step in the Right Direction

Recently, the federal finance minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth recommended the creation of a national organization — the FutureSkills Lab — to serve as a laboratory for the development and measurement of skills. This proposed laboratory represents a significant and progressive advance that can increase Canada’s global competitiveness and offer its citizens the economic and social future that they seek.It focuses squarely and clearly […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten – “Plans are useless but planning is indispensable.”

These are the words of former US President Dwight Eisenhower about how one plans for battle. One reason “I like Ike” is that his words capture HEQCO’s philosophy of planning. He understood that plans are useless when they get too specific, try to predict the future with certainty, and prompt fights over every comma in the apparently obligatory mission and vision statements. Ike also understood […]

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Harvey P. Weingarten – Postsecondary education and jobs: It’s a question of skills

This week, we released a study examining the relationship between the supply of graduates from six regulated professions – medicine, law, teaching, architecture, engineering, nursing – and the labour demand for these graduates.  The historical evidence provided in that analysis is clear – we never get it right! We either oversupply or undersupply.This conclusion is no revelation to anyone who follows past attempts to link […]

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EduData – The landscape of learning outcomes assessment in Canada

To gain a better understanding of current learning outcomes assessment practices used across Canada, we surveyed provosts and VP academics in colleges and universities. This infographic highlights some of our key findings. Click here for the full report.University | College

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Sarah Brumwell – Resilience, transferable skills and higher ed

One of HEQCO’s keynotes from the recent Transitions conference, Paul Tough, has a great piece in the June issue of The Atlantic on how kids learn resilience. This is familiar ground for him—Tough’s bestselling book, How Children Succeed, explains how qualities like perseverance, curiosity and self-control are just as crucial to a child’s success as academic ability. Tough’s Atlantic article is fascinating in that he […]

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